An Institute at the centre of innovation in biomedical engineering

IBBME is a unique, multidisciplinary graduate research unit at the cutting edge of innovation in biomedical engineering – where investigators from engineering, medicine and dentistry collaborate to find innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing health care challenges.

 IBBME’s Scientific Day is 30!

IBBME Scientific Day Poster

Students at this world-leading research institute began the tradition of Scientific Day in 1984. Since then, the Institute has gone through several major evolutions, including a merger with the Centre for Biomaterials in 1999.

Thirty years later, and with the addition of a major career component, IBBME’s student-driven research day has transformed  a two-day exploration of research and professionalization.

Full details on this year’s event, as well as the link to the Registration form, can be found on the BESA website.