Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

Imagine a world where transplant patients do not wait for a donor or where hearts are repaired through a simple injection. Or implants that  “grow” or change function as a child develops or as the body requires.

Research that has the potential to change how we think about disease in general – and old age in particular – is happening at IBBME. Regenerative medicine uses cells, stem cells, and biomaterials to repair, replace, or regenerate damaged tissue and organ structures and function.

Tissue Engineering
Constructing devices, combining cells and biocompatible materials to effect tissue repair or replacement in the context of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cartilage and bone repair.

Stem Cell Bioengineering
Devising processes to control the differentiation and/or self-renewal of embryonic, mesenchymal and adult progenitor cells and understanding the underlying mechanisms of these processes

Creating new materials for tissue engineering and stem cell delivery as well as for other applications such as drug delivery, and understanding the molecular mechanisms of the host response to biomaterials and biomaterial-based devices.

Theme leads: Associate Professor Milica Radisic, Professor Peter Zandstra

Faculty focusing their research in this area include:

Cristina Amon
Julie Audet
Dennis Cvitkovitch
John Davies
Penney Gilbert
Marc Grynpas
Boris Hinz
Rita Kandel
Armand Keating
Dawn Kilkenny
Alison McGuigan
Bob Pilliar
Milica Radisic
Paul Santerre
Michael Sefton
Molly Shoichet
Craig Simmons
David Steinman
Eli Sone
Cari Whyne
Lidan You
Peter Zandstra

Visit the faculty profiles for detailed information on IBBME’s researchers.