Engineering in a Clinical Setting

Whether in the institution, the home or the street, IBBME’s clinical engineers are transforming lives, one idea at a time.

IBBME’s clinical engineers are designing the technologies, devices and strategies for people suffering from chronic disease and traumatic injury, persons with disabilities and stroke patients to integrate more fully with the world around them.

  • Technologies for mobile and home monitoring of patients with diabetes, heart failure, and other chronic conditions
  • Enabling technologies that help disabled children to participate more fully in physical activity, play, arts, and music in and outside of healthcare facilities
  • Advanced body-machine interfaces for children and youth with severe disabilities
  • Study and engineering of medical and point-of-care devices
  • Electronic monitoring and record keeping systems
  • Efficiencies and studies in medication delivery systems
  • Study of safe and accessible environments in all weathers including slopes, cross-slopes and pedestrian crossings, stairs, clothing and footwear
  • Hospital and home hygiene solutions for health care professionals, people suffering cognitive deficiencies.

Theme leads: Assistant Professor Jan Andrysek, Associate Professor Tony Easty

IBBME professors working in this area include:

Cristina Amon
Jan Andrysek
Beno Benhabib
Elaine Biddiss
Gregory Borschel
Kristy Brock
Christopher Caldarone
Joseph Cafazzo
Tom Chau
Angela Cheung
Richard Cobbold
Catherine Coolens
James Drake
Alf Dolan
Tony Easty
Moshe Eizenman
Rick Frecker
Bernhard Ganss
A.A Goldenberg
Teodor Grantcharov
Allan Gross
Kullervo Hynynen
Mohammad Islam
David Jaffray
Wayne Johnston
Mike Joy
Shaf Keshavjee
Azadeh Kushki
Stephen Lapinsky
Andreas Mandelis
Kei Masani
Alex Mihailidis
Paul Milgram
Mickey Milner
Adrian Nachman
Ken Norwich
Narinder Paul
Milos Popovic
Ken Pritzker
Mohammed F. Shamji
Kaveh Shojania
Catriona Steele
David Steinman
Brad Strauss
Patricia Trbovich
Graham Wright
Kazuhiro Yasufuku
Albert Yee
José Zariffa

Visit the faculty profiles for detailed information on IBBME’s researchers.