Nanotechnology, Molecular Imaging & Systems Biology

Smaller, faster, smarter, further. IBBME’s biomedical engineers explore new ways to achieve real world applications and global impact.

Global, low cost solutions for disease detection. Research breakthroughs using microfluidics platforms. DNA-based cancer detection and drug delivery systems. Optical imaging systems for epilepsy and stroke research. By exploiting the potential of microfluidics, nanotechnology and new imaging systems, IBBME researchers invest in a world of possibilities for the future of health care.

Fluorsecent, chemical and scanning probe microscopy
Optical devices
In situ brain imaging nanostructures
Nano- and micro-electrical-mechanical systems
Cellular systems modelling
Quantum dots
Lab-on-a-chip technologies
Generic circuits
Microarray technologies

Theme leads: Professor Aaron Wheeler, Associate Professor Jonathan Rocheleau

Faculty in this research field include:

Warren Chan
Hai-Ling Margaret Cheng
Douglas Cheyne
Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez
Axel Guenther
Benjamin Hatton
David Jaffray
Shana Kelley
Eugenia Kumacheva
Ofer Levi
Krishna Mahadevan
Kristina M. McConville
Josh Milstein
Jonathan Rocheleau
William Ryu
John Sled
Yu Sun
Mike Thompson
Kevin Truong
Aaron Wheeler
Christopher Yip
Peter Zandstra
Gang Zheng
Anton Zilman

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