IBBME Innovators & Entrepreneurs Series

Begun as part of IBBME’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, IBBME is proud to present profiles of IBBME faculty and alumni who have made an impact on human health with their inventions, innovations, and industry leadership.


John E. Davies – Umbilical Cord Tissue: Bank On It

Tom Chau – The Virtual Music Instrument: Music for People of All Abilities

Jan Andrysek – The Low Cost Prosthetic Knee: Mobility for Everyone

Harold Wodlinger – Institute Alumnus and Expert in Commercializing Medical Devices

Alex Mihailidis – The Table-Top Rehab Robot for Stroke Patients

Sam Jundler – Enlightened Innovation: The Invention of the Dual-Balloon Barostat

Walter Zingg – Greater than the Sum of His Parts, IBBME Director 1983-88

Mark Ungrin – Filling in the Gaps with the Aggrewell

Jeanette Ho – Creating breakthrough biomedical devices through novel molecule applications

Michael May – There’s Always a Way

Michael V. Sefton – Advancing Collaborative Vision

Norman F. Moody – The Visionary

Hans Kunov – “We were leaders”

Richard Cobbold – Director, 1974-1983

J. Paul Santerre – Scaffolds to the Future

Ross Ethier and Christopher Yip – Interim Years of Growth: 2005-2008

Sonia Bot – Fire in the Belly

Lorne Chi – Keeping the Knives Sharp

Rohin Iyer – Growing a future market

Donald Studney – Charting Impact

Jeffrey Karp – Engineering for Rapid Translation