Warren Chan

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  • Institute of Biomaterials &  Biomedical Engineering (IBBME)
  • Canada Research Chair, BioNanotechnology
  • Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research (CCBR)


Contact Information

University of Toronto
160 College St., 4th Floor
Toronto, ON, CANADA
M5S 3E1
Office Tel: 416-946-8416
Lab Tel: 416-946-0015
Fax: 416-978-4317
Email: warren.chan@utoronto.ca

Website: http://inbs.med.utoronto.ca

Research Theme:  Nanotechnology, Molecular Imaging & Systems Biology

Research Interests

The Chan research group is currently interested in studying and understanding  the proteomic and genomic changes associated with abnormal cells (e.g., cancer cells or virally-infected cells) and tissues. We aim to elucidate the cell’s molecular dynamics by using recent developments in nanotechnology (e.g., inorganic nanostructures), microtechnology (e.g., micro-electromechanical systems and capillary flow systems), and molecular engineering (e.g., phage-display) as well as engineering new instrumentation and techniques to address biological questions. A fundamental understanding of molecular processes with technology developments should lead to the design of novel diagnostic schemes and therapeutic strategies.

Recent Publications

Are Quantum Dots Toxic? Exploring the Discrepancy Between Cell Culture and Animal Studies. Tsoi KM, Dai Q, Alman BA, Chan WC.  Acc Chem Res. 2012 Aug 1.

Nonblinking Plasmonic Quantum Dot Assemblies for Multiplex Biological Detection. Song F, Tang PS, Durst H, Cramb DT, Chan WC.  Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2012 Jul 29.

The Effect of Nanoparticle Size, Shape, and Surface Chemistry on Biological Systems. Albanese A, Tang PS, Chan WC.  Annu Rev Biomed Eng.

Understanding and controlling the interaction of nanomaterials with proteins in a physiological environment. Walkey CD, Chan WC.  Chem Soc Rev. 2012 Apr 7. 41(7):2780-99.

Nanoparticle size and surface chemistry determine serum protein adsorption and macrophage uptake. Walkey CD, Olsen JB, Guo H, Emili A, Chan WC.  J Am Chem Soc. 2012 Feb. 1134(4):2139-47.

Principles of conjugating quantum dots to proteins via carbodiimide chemistry. Song F, Chan WC.  Nanotechnology. 2011 Dec 9. 22(49):494006.

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