Health & Safety

 Safety is your FIRST concern…

Promoting a healthy and safe environment in the various workspaces across the Institute is a SHARED RESPONSIBILITY of all individuals affiliated with the IBBME, including the University of Toronto’s Environmental Health & Safety Office, the director of the Institute, all supervisors, faculty, staff and students. Both the University and the IBBME have a variety of health & safety resources available to you.

Are you a new student?  A new employee?  A new faculty member? All new members to the IBBME community are required to undergo mandatory safety training. New students, in particular, will be required to fill out and return a New Student Safety Checklist.

Do you know what to do in the case of an accident? For further information, visit the following links:


As summer unfolds, and hopefully brings some warmer weather, we wish to take this opportunity to remind everyone of a few safety policies the Institute has in place for your protection:

  • Shorts/skirts/dresses may not be worn in any chemical laboratory, as they provide no protection to your legs in the event of a chemical spill. Slacks/pants provide the best protection below where the lab coat ends.
  • Open toed shoes or sandals are not to be worn in laboratories.
  • Roller blades may not be worn in any University building.
  • Bikes are not allowed in multi-occupant offices and labs (this is against the Fire Code) as they could block means of a person’s egress should an incident/accident/fire occur within the office or lab. Should someone have an accident in which chemicals or bacterial agents get in their eyes, or something combusts and emits a lot of smoke, people would not necessarily see an obstruction, such as a stored bike, and could trip over it and hurt themselves further. There are many new locking stations positioned all around the Mining, Rosebrugh and CCBR buildings on all sides. Plan to purchase a good solid lock for your bike and make good use of these locking stations. For extra protection you could consider having your bike registered through Toronto Police at