Media Room

Recent Media Releases:

25 February, 2014: 3D microgels “on-demand” offer new potential for cell research, the future of personalized medicine

18 February, 2014: Turning back the clock on aging muscles? New study supports the possibility of localized rejuvenation

27 January, 2014: DNA-Built Nanoparticles Safely Target Cancer Tumors 

5 November, 2013: ‘Tumour-on-a-chip’ technology offers new direction for nanotechnology research

22 October, 2013: Predicting the Fate of Stem Cells: Technique has potential use in regenerative medicine, drug development

24 June, 2013: Can Frankenstein and a Baby’s Heartbeat Unlock the Mystery of Stem Cells? New biowire technology matures human heart cells by mimicking fetal heart rate.

28 February, 2013: Pour shake and stir: How gold particles, DNA and water have the potential to shape the future of medicine.


Media Contact:

Erin Vollick, Senior Communications, Media & Alumni Relations Officer
Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering
Phone: (416) 946-8019