IBBME labs ride to raise nearly $7,000 for Heart & Stroke Foundation

image of MightyMyocytes

It was Team Heart Valve against The Mighty Myocytes at this year’s Becel Heart & Stroke Ride For Heart, a charity event that raises money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

IBBME Professor Craig Simmons’ Team, Heart Valve, had a personal best showing for their seventh annual ride. Seventeen riders, including lab members, their friends and families, completed a 50 km ride to raise a total of  $5,200.

Team Heart Valve 2014

Professor Milica Radisic’s Mighty Myocytes’s raised $1785 for the charity. Most of the six-member team rode 75 km.

The rival labs are part of a special initiative by the Heart & Stroke Foundation to bring more researchers into the annual charity ride.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, with an estimated one million North Americans suffering from heart attacks each year. Statistics show that someone in Ontario suffers a stroke every 30 minutes.

Ride for Heart 2014