Student Life

As a graduate student at the Institute, you are an integral part of a large, collaborative, and expansive community of researchers, students across the University, as well as staff members. Here are a few resources and other tips to help you make the most of your graduate education.

Award Winners – Click here to view a list of awards and honours won by IBBME students.

BESA (Biomedical Engineering Students’ Association) – As a student of the Institute, you are a also a member of BESA – the Association that represents biomedical engineering graduate students at the University of Toronto.

CUBE (Club for Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering)

CUBE is an student-run club whose mandate is to promote biomedical engineering at the undergraduate level. The oldest and largest chapter was founded in 1997 by Mark Ebden and Ran Gilad at the University of Toronto. Currently, the Toronto chapter has over 400 members from assorted programs and faculties. For more information on the history of CUBE or its annual activities visit the CUBE website.

Special Programs: NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) –

IBBME is pleased to offer its graduate students the opportunity o be a part of two elite professional training programs, MATCH and CARE.

MATCH (Program in Microfluidic Applications and Training in Cardiovascular Health) - the MATCH program offers students world-class training in microfluidics applications.

CARE (Academic Rehabilitation Engineering) – Rehabilitation engineering is the focus of this hands-on program which involves community outreach, internships and more.