Two students smiling in biomedical lab

The Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering (IBBME) at the University of Toronto is a multidisciplinary research community where engineering, medicine and dentistry investigators collaborate to develop innovative solutions that address global challenges in human health.

Located in the heart of Canada’s largest health-care research network, we offer four graduate degrees and a collaborative specialization certificate to 300 students who receive training in biomedical and clinical engineering from more than 100 faculty members across 24 academic and hospital partners.

IBBME also facilitates the biomedical engineering undergraduate minor, available to students across the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering as well as the biomedical systems engineering major for the Division of Engineering Science.

Since 2002, our Undergraduate Summer Research Program has provided more than 350 students from across Canada and the U.S. with exposure to the discipline of biomedical engineering, inspiring young minds to pursue a career in the field.

Our three research themes address some of the most critical challenges in modern health care. They guide our research and educational initiatives, and have led to our involvement with more than 20 start-up companies and integration with three major biomedical engineering commercialization ventures.