Academic Progress

UPDATE Students may use Bb Collaborate (video conferencing platform) for virtual meetings, defenses, group work, etc. Email the Graduate Office with your UTORmail to request access.

Program Milestones

Research-stream Program Milestones

MilestonesTarget (by end of)
1Establish supervisory committee & thesis topicYear 1Year 1
2Supervisory committee meetingAnnuallyAnnually
3Qualifying exam(NB1)N/AYear 1
4Achieve candidacy (NB2)N/AYear 2
5Permission to write thesisYear 1Year 4
6Permission to conduct defenseYear 2Year 5
7Thesis defense (departmental exam)Year 2Year 5
8Final oral exam (senate exam)N/AYear 5
9Electronic thesis submissionYear 2Year 5
10GraduationYear 2Year 5

NB1: The qualifying exam may also serve as the bypass exam for students from the MASc program who wish to transfer to the PhD program.

NB2: To achieve candidacy, students in doctoral program must:

  • complete all requirements for the degree exclusive of thesis research and courses such as ongoing research seminars that run continuously through the program; and
  • have an approved thesis topic, supervisor, and supervisory committee.

Establish supervisory committee

PhD Qualifying Exam

Permission to write

Permission to defend

Departmental defense

PhD Final Oral Exam