Course Calendar

Fall (Offered)

2019-2020 Academic Year

Course CodeCourse TitleDayTimeLocationInstructor
BCH 425
JBB 1425
Structural Biology: Principles and PracticesTues/Thurs10:00-11:00TBDChris Yip
BME1010Y BME1011YGraduate Student Seminar SeriesWed/Thurs/Fri12:00-1:00CCBR Red RoomStudents
BME1405H**Clinical Engineering Instrumentation IThursday2:00-4:00As Assigned WeeklyWeekly guest lecturers
BME1477HBiomedical Engineering Project Design and ExecutionMonday9:00 – 12:00MY360C. Bouwmeester
BME 1801H**Biomedical Product DevelopmentTuesday10:00-2:00RS412P. Santerre/J. Parker
JTC1331HBiomaterials ScienceNot offered in 2019
LMP1017HTissue Injury, Repair and RegenerationTuesday10:00-12:00MSB3287S. Viswanathan

**This course is open to MHSc or MEng in Biomedical Engineering students only.

Winter (Offered)