Course Calendar


2018-19 Academic Year

Course CodeCourse TitleTermStart DateTime   RoomInstructor
BCH 425
JBB 1425
Structural Biology: Principles and PracticesFallTues/Thurs10:00 – 11:00HS106C. Yip
BME1010Y BME1011YGraduate Student Seminar SeriesFall/WinterWednesday9:00 – 10:00
4:00 – 5:00
BME1405H*Clinical Engineering Instrumentation IFallThursday2:00-4:00As Assigned WeeklyWeekly guest lecturers
BME1450HBioengineering ScienceFallMonday9:00 – 12:00MY360C. Bouwmeester
BME1452HSignal ProcessingFallWednesday1:00 -3:00MC 306M. Eizenman
BME1454HRegenerative Medicine: Fundamentals & ApplicationsFallWednesday10:00 – 12:30RS412P. Gilbert
BME1457HBiomedical NanotechnologyFallNOT OFFERED IN 2018/19
BME1473HAcquisition and Processing Of Bioelectric SignalsFallFriday10:00 – 12:00RS412J. Zariffa
BME 1801H**Biomedical Product Dev’t IIFallTuesday10:00 – 2:00RS412P. Santerre/J. Parker
BME4444Y*Practice in Clinical EngineeringFallN/AN/AN/A
DEN1070HAdvances in Dental Materials ScienceFallPlease contact the Dept of Dentistry for course informationY.Finer
DEN1081HBone Interfacing ImplantsFallPlease contact the Dept of Dentistry for course informationJ. E. Davies
ECE1774HSensory CyberneticsFallMonday9:00 – 11:00BA3014W. Wong
JEB1365HUltrasound: Theory & Application in Biology and MedicineFallNOT OFFERED IN 2018/19
JEB1447HSensory CommunicationFallCross-listed with ECE446H – please view undergraduate course website for full scheduleW. Wong
JMB1050HBiological and Bio-Inspired MaterialsFallNOT OFFERED IN 2018/19
JPB1022HHuman Physiology as Related to BioengineeringFallNOT OFFERED IN 2018/19
JPB1055HBioengineering for Life ScientistsFallNOT OFFERED IN 2018/19
JTC1331HBiomaterials ScienceFallTuesday2:00-4:00WB258M. Radisic
JTB2010HFallPlease consult Biochemistry Dept. for course listingA. Emili
JTB2020HFallPlease consult Biochemistry Dept. for course listingB. Steipe
LMP1017HTissue Injury, Repair and RegenerationFallTuesday10:00 – 12:00MSB3278S. Viswanathan
CHE1125HModeling and Optimization of Biochemical NetworksFallPlease consult Chemical Engineering Department for course listingK. Mahadevan
PHY2704HCellular DynamicsFallPlease consult Physics Department for course listingJ. Milstein
BME1436H*Clinical Engineering - SurgeryWinterVariousVariousAs Assigned WeeklyGuest lecturers and surgeons
BME1439H*Clinical Engineering Instrumentation IIWinterThursday2:00 – 4:00As Assigned WeeklyWeekly guest lecturers
BME1453HCellular Tissue EngineeringWinterNOT OFFERED IN 2018/19
BME1459HProtein EngineeringWinterFriday2:00 – 4:00RS412K. Truong
BME1460HQuantitative Fluorescence Microscopy: Theory and Application to Live Cell ImagingWinterMonday10:00 – 1:00RS412J. Rocheleau
BME1462HBiological Image AnalysisWinterNOT OFFERED IN 2018/19
BME1466HAdvanced topics in Magnetic Resonance ImagingWinterTuesday10:00 – 12:00RS412M. Cheng
BME1471HRehabilitation EngineeringWinterNOT OFFERED IN 2018/19
BME1472HFundamentals of Neuromodulation Technology and Clinical ApplicationsWinterMonday2:00-4:00RS412Paul Yoo
BME 1480HExperimental Design and Multivariate Analysis In BioengineeringWinterTuesday and ThursdayTuesday: 1:00-3:00 Thursday: 10:00-12:00Tuesday: MY320
Thursday: MY350
J. Audet
BME 1800H**Biomedical Product Dev’t IWinterTuesday12:30 – 3:30RS412H. Wodlinger
BME 1802HBiomedical Devices – Human FactorsWinterFriday10:00 – 12:00MY370C. Bouwmeester
BME4444Y*Practice in Clinical EngineeringWinterN/AN/AN/A
ECE1475HBio-PhotonicsWinterTBDTBDTBDO. Levi
JCB1349HStructure/Function/PropertiesWinterWednesday12:00 - 2:00CCBR Black RoomC. Yip
JEB1444HNeural EngineeringWinterTuesday3:30 – 5:30RS 412B.L. Bardakjian

*This course is open to MHSc in Clinical Engineering students only.

**This course is open to MEng in Biomedical Engineering students only.