Course Calendar

Below is the course calendar for the current academic year. View course code, time, location, and instructor for MEng, MASc, and PhD courses. Course description for individual courses can be found here. If you are looking for a comprehensive list and additional information on graduate courses, please visit the School of Graduate Studies calendar.

Fall (Offered)

2019-2020 Academic Year

Course CodeCourse TitleDayTimeLocationInstructor
BCH 425
JBB 1425
Structural Biology: Principles and PracticesTues/Thurs10:00-11:00TBDChris Yip
BME1010Y BME1011YGraduate Student Seminar SeriesWed/Thurs/Fri12:00-1:00CCBR Red RoomStudents
BME1405H**Clinical Engineering Instrumentation IThursday2:00-4:00As Assigned WeeklyWeekly guest lecturers
BME1477HBiomedical Engineering Project Design and ExecutionMonday9:00 – 12:00MY360C. Bouwmeester
BME 1801H**Biomedical Product DevelopmentTuesday10:00-2:00RS412P. Santerre/J. Parker
JTC1331HBiomaterials ScienceNot offered in 2019
LMP1017HTissue Injury, Repair and RegenerationTuesday10:00-12:00MSB3287S. Viswanathan

**This course is open to MHSc or MEng in Biomedical Engineering students only.

Winter (Offered)