Accelerate Precision Radiation Medicine to Conquer Cancer | Fei Fei Liu, University of Toronto | Biomedical Engineering Invited Seminar

December 10, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Sandford Fleming Building Room SF1101
10 King's College Road
M5S 3G4

Speaker: Fei-Fei Liu, MD, FRCPC, FASTRO

Institution: University of Toronto

Abstract: Radiation therapy is a highly effective treatment for cancer. Used alone or in combination with surgery or chemotherapy, radiation therapy cure patients, control tumors, leading to improved survival and quality of life. Approximately 50% of all cancer patients will require radiation therapy as part of their treatment regimen, either to cure or to palliate disabling symptoms. The Radiation Medicine Program (RMP) at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is the largest single-site radiation treatment program worldwide and ranked to be amongst the top 3 such programs globally. Our vision is “Precision Radiation Medicine. Personalized Care. Global Impact”; our interdisciplinary team of physicians, medical physicists, radiation therapists and nurses supports the assessment, planning, treatment and follow-up care of patients with common, rare and complex forms of cancer.

RMP is a world leader in Radiation Medicine research aimed at developing more precise, personalized treatments to cure more patients with fewer side effects. Our research program encompasses the full spectrum of research, spanning from laboratory-based biology and physics discovery to clinical trials in patients, including survivorship, health services and education research.

Key activities will focus on six strategic areas to accelerate the availability of Adaptive Radiation Medicine for every patient. These six pillars include: a) Radiogenomics; b) Radiomics; c) MR-guided radiotherapy; d) Oligometastases; e) Regenerative radiation medicine; and f) Patient reported outcomes. These six pillars are embedded on the technological platforms of “Big Data”, and “Automation” that will serve as cross-cutting priorities which will facilitate the activities of the six pillars as outlined above.

Descriptors of each of these pillars and matrixed activities will be provided, in seeking collaborative opportunities with scientists in IBBME. Our team is committed to providing both exemplary clinical care and pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery to develop innovative radiation treatment approaches, ensuring that they are rapidly available to our own Princess Margaret patients as well as patients across Canada and around the world.

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