Cross Border Investing Trends in Biomedical Engineering Start-ups | Olivia Wang, ZhenFund | Biomedical Engineering Invited Seminar

October 8, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Room MS2172
5 King's College Road
Toronto, ON
Canada M5S 3G8

Speaker: Olivia Wang

Company: ZhenFund

Abstract: This seminar will address the history of venture capital in technology and biology. Topics that will be discussed include: (a) Emergence of technology investing and biotechnology as separate ecosystems, how these two ecosystems are starting to merge, and what implications it has for biotechnology and healthcare start-ups, (b) Recent trend of generalist tech firms dabbling in biotechnology: Is this wise and/or sustainable?, (c) Engineering talent meets biologists – what is this new wave of software enable biology sand hill road is investing in? Additionally, profiles of biomedical engineering start-ups spun out of universities in the United States, Canada and Asia will be illustrated and the competitiveness of these companies in the global biotechnology landscape.