Ryan Chu and IBBME UofT

February 12, 2020 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm
Red Seminar Room
Donnelly Building

Event Name: Graduate Seminar Series: Clinical Stream

Graduate Seminar Series for the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (IBBME). This day is for clinical stream presenters.

Location: Red Seminar Room – Donnelly Building

Presentation Title: Remote Vital Signs Monitoring with Infrared and Depth Cameras
Abstract: Conventional vital signs monitoring requires patient tethering and is applied discontinuously, creating gaps in which a patient’s condition can deteriorate without notice. These issues could be alleviated with a non-contact, continuous monitoring system. Using camera technology and specialized algorithms, we demonstrate real-time acquisition of physiological parameters (e.g. heart rate and respiratory rate) that is robust to motion and illumination.
Supervisor Name: Ofer Levi
Year of Study: 2
Program of Study: MHSc

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