Christopher Bouwmeester

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

BSc, PhD (Calgary), PEng

Research Stream: Clinical Engineering

Laboratory Website:

Email: | Tel:416 978-3702 | Office: MB321A

Main Appointments

  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering

Teaching & Research Interests

I am interested in using design-based projects to foster innovation in capstone design courses and provide hands-on experiences in core engineering subjects. My goal is to use teaching methods and technologies that engage students and prepare them to meet the challenges posed by the complex problems and uncertain outcomes they will face in their future careers.

I am also interested in researching: 1) the treatment of end-stage heart failure with medical devices designed to augment cardiac output, 2) the identification and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease earlier than currently possible by creating tools and methods based on blood pressure and flow waveform morphology, and 3) new and novel ways to visually display heart function by creating realistic and interactive models.