Portrait of Lidan You

Lidan You

Associate Professor, Erwin Edward Hart Professor in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

BSc (Beijing), MSc (Beijing), PhD (New York), FCSME, PEng

Research Stream:  Cell & Tissue Engineering

Laboratory Website:

Email: youlidan@mie.utoronto.ca | Tel: 416 978-5736 | Office: Mechanical Building (MC), 5 King’s College Road, Room 314D

Main Appointments

  • Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
  • Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests

Our research interest is focused on solving biomechanical questions in muscular skeletal system at the cellular level.

In specific, we are working on the anti-resorptive effect of mechanical loading on bone tissue; pressure effect on bone cell mechanotransduction; osteogenic potential of high frequency low magnitude vibration on bone adaptation; angiogenesis involvement in initiation of bone resorption under disuse condition; the advanced microfluidic system for bone cell mechanotransduction study; the role of focal adhesion assembly in cell mechanosensitivity using micropatterned surface; and the development of advanced artificial bone matrix by employing novel microfabrication technologies.

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Lab Profile

Lidan You’s lab is investigating how cells in the body respond to mechanical forces during disease progression. By using technology such as microfluidic chips, her lab can isolate and investigate how cells communicate with one another on a miniaturized scale.

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Research Gallery 2019

  • A microfluidic cancer extravasation tissue platform that integrates stimulatory bone fluid flow and real-time bi-directional signaling between multiple cell populations, as to investigate the role of osteocytes in the mechanical regulation of breast cancer bone metastasis.