Cross Appointed Faculty

NamePrimary AppointmentResearch Theme 1Research Theme 2
Kumacheva, EugeniaDepartment of ChemistryCell and Tissue EngineeringMolecular Engineering
Amon, CristinaDepartment of Mechanical & Industrial EngineeringCell and Tissue EngineeringClinical Engineering
Ganss, BernhardFaculty of DentistryCell and Tissue EngineeringClinical Engineering
Allen, ChristineLeslie Dan Faculty of PharmacyCell and Tissue Engineering
Carneiro, KarinaDepartment of DentistryCell and Tissue Engineering
Cvitkovitch, DennisFaculty of DentistryCell and Tissue Engineering
Farhat, WalidHospital for Sick ChildrenCell and Tissue Engineering
Finer, YoavFaculty of DentistryCell and Tissue Engineering
Hatton, BenjaminDepartment of Materials Science and EngineeringCell and Tissue Engineering
Hinz, BorisFaculty of DentistryCell and Tissue Engineering
Karoubi, GolnazLatner Thoracic Surgery Research Labs, UHNCell and Tissue Engineering
Keating, ArmandToronto Western HospitalCell and Tissue Engineering
Laflamme, MichaelToronto General HospitalCell and Tissue Engineering
Li, Ren-KeToronto General HospitalCell and Tissue Engineering
Morshead, CindiDepartment of SurgeryCell and Tissue Engineering
Schemitsch, EmilSt. Michael's HospitalCell and Tissue Engineering
Vasconcelos, SaraToronto General HospitalCell and Tissue Engineering
Viswanathan, SowmyaToronto Western HospitalCell and Tissue Engineering
Waddell, ThomasToronto General HospitalCell and Tissue Engineering
Whyne, CariSunnybrook Health Sciences CentreCell and Tissue Engineering
Wodlinger, HaroldInstitute of Biomaterials and Biomedical EngineeringCell and Tissue Engineering
Young, EdmondDepartment of Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringCell and Tissue Engineering
Beal, DerykHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation HospitalClinical Engineering
Cheung, AngelaToronto General HospitalClinical Engineering
Cheyne, DouglasHospital for Sick ChildrenClinical Engineering
Drake, James M.Hospital for Sick ChildrenClinical Engineering
Parker, JaysonDepartment of Biology, UTMClinical Engineering
Taati, BabakToronto Rehabilitation InstituteClinical Engineering
Fekr, AtenaToronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI), University Health NetworkClinical Engineering
Bogoch, EarlDepartment of SurgeryClinical Engineering
Borschel, GregoryHospital for Sick ChildrenClinical Engineering
Cafazzo, JosepheHealth Innovation, UHNClinical Engineering
Coolens, CatherinePrincess Margaret Cancer CentreClinical Engineering
Easty, AnthonyInstitute of Biomaterials and Biomedical EngineeringClinical Engineering
Fialkov, JeffreySunnybrook Health Sciences CentreClinical Engineering
Grantcharov, TeodorSt. Michael's HospitalClinical Engineering
Hynynen, KullervoSunnybrook Health Sciences CentreClinical Engineering
Ibrahim, GeorgeDepartment of SurgeryClinical Engineering
Islam, MohammadPrincess Margaret Cancer CentreClinical Engineering
Jaffray, DavidPrincess Margaret Cancer CentreClinical Engineering
Keshavjee, ShafiqueToronto General HospitalClinical Engineering
Kumbhare, DineshDepartment of MedicineClinical Engineering
Lapinsky, StephenMount Sinai HospitalClinical Engineering
Mandelis, AndreasDepartment of Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringClinical Engineering
Nachman, AdrianDepartment of MathematicsClinical Engineering
Naguib, HaniDepartment of Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringClinical Engineering
Sidhu, SachdevDepartment of Molecular GeneticsClinical Engineering
Trbovich, PatriciaNorth York General HospitalClinical Engineering
Triverio, Piero Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)Clinical Engineering
Yadollahi, AzadehToronto Rehabilitation InstituteClinical Engineering
Yasufuku, KazuhiroToronto General HospitalClinical Engineering
Yee, AlbertSunnybrook Health Sciences CentreClinical Engineering
Aviv, RichardDepartment of Medical ImagingClinical Engineering
Black, SandraSunnybrook Health Sciences CentreClinical Engineering
Carlen, PeterToronto Western HospitalClinical Engineering
Dutta, TilakToronto Rehabilitation InstituteClinical Engineering
Ginsberg, HowardSt. Michael's HospitalClinical Engineering
Guerguerian, Anne-MarieHospital for Sick ChildrenClinical Engineering
Harrison, RobertHospital for Sick ChildrenClinical Engineering
John, SashaBaycrestClinical Engineering
Lefebvre, J̩er̩emieToronto Western HospitalClinical Engineering
Prescott, StevenHospital for Sick ChildrenClinical Engineering
Schweizer, TomSt. Michael's HospitalClinical Engineering
Valiante, TaufikToronto Western HospitalClinical Engineering
Wong, WillyEdward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringClinical Engineering
Liu, XinyuDepartment of Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringMolecular Engineering
Goyal, SidharthaDepartment of PhysicsMolecular Engineering
Guenther, AxelDepartment of Mechanical & Industrial EngineeringMolecular Engineering
Kelley, ShanaLeslie Dan Faculty of PharmacyMolecular Engineering
Mahadevan, RadhakrishnanDepartment of Chemical Engineering and Applied ChemistryMolecular Engineering
Mallevaey, ThierryDepartment of ImmunologyMolecular Engineering
McMilen, DavidDepartment of Chemical and Physical Sciences, UTMMolecular Engineering
Moffat, JasonDepartment of Molecular GeneticsMolecular Engineering
Sun, YuDepartment of Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringMolecular Engineering
Thompson, MichaelDepartment of ChemistryMolecular Engineering
Weersink, RobertDepartment of Radiation OncologyMolecular Engineering
Zheng, GangPrincess Margaret Cancer CentreMolecular Engineering
Zilman, AntonDepartment of PhysicsMolecular Engineering